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Con más de dos décadas de experiencia en la industria, somos líderes en la fabricación de etiquetas adhesivas de calidad superior. Estamos certificados bajo la norma ISO 9001:2015, lo que garantiza nuestro compromiso con los más altos estándares de calidad. Además, contamos con un profundo conocimiento en sistemas de calidad, incluyendo PPAP y AMEFS, para asegurarnos de ofrecer productos de excelencia que superen tus expectativas.


Labels designed to withstand harsh environments


Durable labels capable of withstanding chemical exposure


High-quality product labels to attract the consumer


Labels for thermal transfer printing


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Our work team can carry out an evaluation of your labeling process and offer the best alternatives to streamline the process or seek savings.

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Our success stories can be a source of inspiration for you to start your project with us. We were able to consolidate excellent projects and a healthy business relationship with different companies and/or industries.

Automotive Solution

A company was importing bocklet labels and this implied a significant cost. Our team bought equipment and sensors with which we were able to make printed BOPP combined bocklet labels that are semigloss and finished with lamination.

Automotive Solution

In the operation, around 30 labels were printed on laser sheets when 5 were actually needed, so the excess went to scrap. We connected a printer to each fail-safe equipment in the production line and added a fail-safe system, the label rolls had a label in step so they already print what is necessary.

Solution in Appliances

A label with an over-specified material was detected in the company, which was generating an extra expense. A cheaper material that complied with specifications and certifications was proposed, to date they continue to work with us.  

Ceramic solution

There was a serious problem in not finding a label that would remain adhered to the ceramic pieces that are manufactured, during the application the piece is hot and made initial adhesion difficult. The right adhesive was proposed and we continue to work together for more than 8 years.

Solution in Tooling

The company had a label that burned when the tooling was put into an oven, so the information on the label was lost. Currently, a special material that resists the conditions of the product has just been approved.

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We are a company with more than 20 years in the market offering high quality labels, ribbons and spare parts for thermal printers.

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